Structure Marketing Corp. specializes in marketing real estate development projects from conception to completion.  Our competitive advantage is a step-by-step structured value added approach in utilizing market data and targeting select demographics for quick product absorption.  We are invested in our clients' success and believe that our value is to provide the necessary information to realize the greatest potential for each project. 


Assessing Site Feasibility

Every development site has its own unique opportunities and challenges.  Our research and tailor made approach to each project maximizes the greatest zoning potential while limiting market risk and uncertainty.  We not only consider local demand but also are cognizant of global market fluctuations that effect real estate business decisions. 


Market Analysis

Quick market absorption occurs when the correct price point, mix of dwellings, unit sizes, and demographics successfully converge in addressing the targeted audiences’ needs and aspirations. Accurate forecasting reduces business uncertainty for the Developer and quicker turn-around time between projects.  


Collaboration With Designers

Our market-focused perspective in collaborating with Designers and the Development team is to create environments that maximize value and enhance homeowners’ lives.  We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date on the latest home-building trends with consideration to innovative and functional designs that are timeless and fit today’s lifestyles.


Marketing Mix

Targeted marketing is the most effective strategy in developing awareness and reaching the desired audience.  We focus marketing dollars thoughtfully through various mixed marketing tools in areas that will yield the greatest benefit in communicating our message. 


Sales and Customer Service

A thorough approach in product development makes for quick and seamless sales.  And there’s nothing more rewarding than an excited future homeowner whom appreciates the care and thoughtful consideration that has gone into developing their new home.  Our select sales team will assist all homeowners to ensure an easy and comfortable transition of ownership.